Tag: Tailless Whip Scorpion

27/06/2017 / / Android

The creature you see here is my pet named Gloria. She is a tailless whip scorpion. Latin name of her species and order is Damon diadema and Amblypygi respectively. You are probably asking yourself: how do I know that it’s a girl and not a boy? Well, most species of tailless whip scorpions are easy to sex. If the first pair of legs – those claw–like extremities – are longer than the joints of the first pair of their walking legs, then it’s a male. If they barely meet the joints or if they are shorter, then it’s a female.

Despite their name, tailless whip scorpions aren’t scorpions and as such don’t possess a stinger. And even though they look somewhat similar to larger species of spiders, they aren’t spiders either. They neither have venom glands nor do they have anything resembling venom fangs. Even though their appearance messes with our lizard brains – which is why most people perceive them as being disgusting or terrifying – they are completely and utterly harmless.