Rumor: Nikon 1 V3 to be announced in January 2014

According to Nikon is expected to announce the Nikon 1 V3 during the CES show in early January 2014. The V3 will supposedly have a similar design to the Nikon P7800 compact camera, including a standard flash hot-shoe. V3’s pop-up flash will supposedly be able to act as wireless commander. I may be mistaken, but I believe that the V2 already has this capability. Last but not least, a Firmware Update for the FT-1, making the adapter compatible with V3’s new features (which?), is said to be in the works.


Oddly enough, three months ago a dpreview forums member by the name of SimpleCams was photoshopping P7100’s controls onto the Nikon V1. This is what he came up with:

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Looks like he was on to something. 😉

Hefty Nikon V2 price reduction: is Nikon clearing inventory in preparation for the V3?

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  1. […] While the price of the Nikon V2 remains relatively stable in the US, in Europe V2 is heavily discounted. In Germany you can occasionally find offers for under €500, which is 55% of the RRP. In the UK you can get the white model on Amazon for £502.30, which is 62.7% of the RRP. It seems to me, that Nikon is indeed selling off the V2, to make room for the V3 rumored to be announced in January 2014. […]

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