Nikon’s CP+ Booth map – No mention of Nikon 1, only AW1

An hour ago DPReview forums user Vlasty has posted Nikon’s booth map for the CP+ show, taking place from February 13th to 16th. The interesting thing to note is that the Nikon 1 booth has been renamed to Nikon 1 AW1 booth.


It looks as if Nikon has no plans to announce/display the V3, J4 or any new non-AW lens during CP+.

I wonder what Nikon is waiting for. The V2 sure looks underspeced and overpriced compared to the OM-D E-M10. The rumored NEX6/7 successor will most likely have a similar price tag to the V2 while being much more powerful. If you ask me it’s high time to announce a vastly improved V-series camera.

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