UK mirrorless sales droped by 32% in 2013

Contrary to popular opinion on photo forums that DSLRs are soon to be made obsolete by mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (MILC), DSLRs continue to outsell MICLs by orders of magnitude. According to figures released to Amateur Photographer by market research firm GfK, DSLRs have outsold MILCs by four to one in the UK in 2013. In total 426,000 DSLRs and 100,000 MILCs were sold last year. 

The entire UK system camera market – made up of MILCs and DSLRs – fell 16% in volume and 22.8% in terms of value. This means that not only were fewer cameras sold overall, but also that the cameras which were sold were on average lower-end compared to the previous year.

The most interesting bit of information: while the DSLR part of the market shrunk by 21%, the MILC part of the market shrunk by 31%. This means that not only are consumers preferring DSLRs to MILCs at present, but also that there is no evidence of the latter slowly “catching up”, on the contrary.

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