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03/04/2014 / / Samsung NX mini

The Chinese website just posted the first Samsung NX mini/NXF1 High ISO full resolution sample images. By the looks of things, Samsung’s new 20.5MP BSI-MOS sensor produces very usable photos up to ISO6400. At ISO12800 noise levels increase exponentially, so that this sensitivity level doesn’t even look usable for web size images. Even so, noise performance seems to be on a much higher level than Nikon’s V1 and V2 cameras. How the new V3 will perform remains to be seen.


19/03/2014 / / Samsung NX mini

Today Samsung has officially announced its NX mini interchangeable lens camera, with the 20MP BSI 1” sensor. The NX mini will be released with three new lenses: a 9mm f/3.5 pancake (24mm FF equivalent), 9-27mm f/3.5-5.6 collapsible standard zoom (24-71mm equiv.) and a 17mm f/1.8 Normal prime (45mm equiv.). The former two and the NX mini are supposed to start shipping in early April, while the letter will be released at a later date.