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30/04/2016 / / ON1 Photo RAW


Two things are currently making us photographers spend more time in front of our PC monitors than we would like to: stagnating hardware and photo-editing software development and ever higher resolving cameras. The developers at ON1 are looking to change that with ON1 Photo RAW, their latest RAW editing software.

One of the main features of ON1 Photo RAW is its processing engine, which is – according to the developers – supposed to be able to utilize the power of modern day graphics processors in our PCs, in order to speed-up processing and improve user experience. This in my eyes is the most exciting aspect of ON1 Photo RAW – the videos, which you can see down below, certainly look promising. I’m currently using FastStone to separate the wheat from the chaff – Lightroom, in my opinion, is not fast enough for this task – and Lightroom for developing the keepers. Should ON1 Photo RAW deliver on its promise and not have a radically different workflow compared to Lightroom, it could replace both of the said programs.