Video Interviews Regarding Nikon 1 Design Decisions

Ever wonder why Nikon 1 cameras and lenses are the way they are? Curios why a comparatively small 1″ sensor was chosen and why N1 cameras have powerful double-core Expeed CPUs and a large buffers under the hood, and why the control interface is simple and geared towards beginners? You will find the answers to these and many more questions in the following video interviews. 🙂

Part 1 – N1 Hybrid AF

Part 2 – N1 lenses

Part 3 – N1 V1 development

Part 4 – N1 ASIC IQ

Part 5 – N1 high speed

Part 6 – N1 assembly

Part 7 – N1 product design

Part 8 – N1 nikkor lenses

Part 9 – N1 motion snapshot

Part 10 – N1 ease of use, 10 fps AF tracking

Part 11 – N1 product planning

Part 12 – N1 quick 2 signal processing & reduced shutter lag

Part 13 – N1 short movie creator

Part 14 – N1 3 things, composition, timings, settings

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