Finaly took the 25mm f1.4 C-Mount and the Nikon V1 for a spin again

After a pause lasting two months, over the course of which I’ve been shooting with my Micro Four Thirds gear, I took the Nikon V1 with the 25mm f/1.4 C-Mount lens for a spin. Unlike the 50mm f/1.4 C-Mount, the 25/1.4 is not a lens I enjoy shooting a lot, which is why I still haven’t gotten to writing a review. I simply haven’t taken enough photos with it to be confident enough to pass a final verdict. I hope that it won’t take 8 months, like it did with the 18.5mm f/1.8, until I’m ready to sit down and write a proper review. Btw. you can read my long term review of the 18.5mm here.

Nikon V1 & C-Mount 25mm f/1.4Nikon V1 & C-Mount 25mm f/1.4Nikon V1 & C-Mount 25mm f/1.4Nikon V1 & C-Mount 25mm f/1.4Nikon V1 & C-Mount 25mm f/1.4Nikon V1 & C-Mount 25mm f/1.4

If you are interested in C-Mount lenses on Nikon 1 cameras, check out my review of the cheap 50mm f/1.4 C-Mount lens here. You can find more of my photos taken with the 50/1.4 C-Mount and 25/1.4 C-Mount here and here respectively.

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  1. 16/07/2014

    Very lovely photos. You cat is so photogenic with your talent.

    • Ivan

      Thanks. 🙂

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