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Sufficient time since the release of the Nikon 1 V3 has passed and there are now enough reviews, samples and videos to make one’s mind about the camera. I’ve added all the worthwhile material to the link collection you see below. Hope that helps you reach a decision whether to upgrade, switch to a new system or stick to your V1/V2 and wait for the eventual V4. 😉 Nikon_1_V3_10_30_PD_DFN1000_GRN1010_angleReviews

“There’s no denying that some aspects of the Nikon 1 V3 are impressive, particularly the super-fast AF and burst shooting speeds. That said, the V3 still seems quite a confused model when everything’s taken into account. With numerous auto controls and clunky handling characteristics, it’s far from the perfect tool for enthusiast photographers looking for a smaller alternative to their DSLR.

The sensor is also a little underwhelming, not offering a big step forward over the 14.2-million-pixel sensor used by the V2. Once you’ve factored in the rather steep asking price (even without the EVF and viewfinder), the V3 really does struggle to make a case for itself. Those looking for a compact system camera would be better off served by the likes of the Fujifilm X-E2 or Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7, while those who want a pocketable camera should look no further than the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 II. Not only does the RX100 II feature a better 20.2-million-pixel, 1in sensor, but it also offers a broader and faster zoom lens, handling that’s more refined, a body size that slips easily into a pocket all at a more reasonable price.”

“The Nikon 1 V3 is a compact mirrorless camera, with a new compact 10-30mm power zoom lens, making it more easily placed in jacket pockets. The camera, with its unique sensor technology allows extremely fast continuous shooting, at up to 60fps at full resolution! The camera also offers impressively quick continuous shooting with AF tracking, far beyond what any other camera can currently offer. If you are looking for a camera capable of shooting at extremely quick continuous shooting speeds, up to 60fps, or up to 20fps with AF tracking, then this is the camera for you, as there is nothing (other than the Nikon 1 J4) that can come close to this performance.

The Nikon 1 V3 is available for £729 body only, or £1049 with 10-30mm PD Zoom lens, EVF and Grip, making it cheaper than a number of the competition. The Nikon 1 system also benefits from a fairly wide range of lens options, currently at 11 lenses, as long as you’re happy buying a Nikon lens, as there is currently no 3rd party lenses for the system.

Image quality is good with the camera producing good colours and reliable exposure, with the only negative being the performance of the 10-30mm PD-Zoom lens when using the full optical zoom as images are slightly soft. This is partly offset by the excellent close-up macro performance, which is unexpected on a kit lens. Video quality is good, with rapid focus and the ability to shoot full size images while recording. The 3inch tilting touch screen also makes it very easy to use the camera, and built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to share photos. The Nikon 1 V3 with extreme high-speed shooting offers something unique in the camera market and offers a well-rounded package of options and features, making the Nikon 1 V3 highly recommended.”

“We didn’t have much time to spend with the V3, but it seems like a pretty solid offering. We like the external controls and customizable buttons, and the performance is top-notch. (Since we haven’t been able to shoot with the V3 yet, we can’t comment on photo quality.) The V3 also has the requisite 1080/60p movie mode and Wi-Fi features found on other mirrorless cameras.

One concern we have – at least here in the U.S. – is the price. Nikon USA is bundling the camera with the 10-30mm PD-Zoom lens, EVF, and grip, with a price tag of $1200. In Europe, Nikon is selling the body only for €849, a 10-30mm kit for €949, and the full outfit for €1249. UK buyers can choose from the last two options, for £799 and £1049, respectively.

Considering that you can buy a Sony a6000 with a 16-50mm power zoom lens, built-in EVF, and similar Hybrid AF system for $400/£390/€450 less, the V3 doesn’t seem like a great value. Despite that, we look forward to putting the V3 through its paces, and seeing if that burst mode lives up to the hype.”

“While the sharp-styling and contemporary design of the Nikon 1 V3 is distinctive, Nikon has yet to match the Sony sourced 1-inch sensors in performance. Nevertheless, Sony has yet to introduce any models featuring that sensor with interchangeable lenses, and the Nikon 1 V3 remains appealing from that perspective. Few can argue that the Nikon is not inexpensive. It may be aimed at enthusiasts but the sensor’s imaging performance falls short of more accessibly priced rivals. While it isn’t bad exactly, it’s not at the cutting-edge of rivals but then they can’t match the Nikon 1 V3’s phenomenal burst rates or remarkable AF capabilities.”

“In the $1200 price range I would take many cameras over this V3, and even save some money while I was at it. I have been a huge Nikon 1 fan since the V1 but Nikon let us down with the V3, at least that is my opinion after an hour or so with it. Way too much competition with better cameras and lenses for less money. After messing with the V3 around the house for a while I would say that this camera should come in at around $399-$599 today simply because there is much better out there for less money (The Olympus E-M10 with lens for under $700 is a much better buy than the V3 and will outperform it in every way). This may be the nail in the coffin for the 1 system as what Nikon has delivered in a V3 falls really short of what was needed in todays market. I have some nice 1 system lenses so I may buy a V2 once it goes to fire sale clearance. I will be skipping the V3.”

“Nikon’s new approach to the Nikon 2 V3 does confuse its 1-series line-up a bit. The V-model is no longer the geeky brother among the 1-series cameras. And buying the extras Nikon has chopped out – the handgrip or the viewfinder – will be expensive. However, many of the improvements to speed are impressive, and we much prefer the look of this new model.”

“If this reads like a biased review, it is. As a serious photographer I’m always exploring. As a Nikon photographer I’m excited about any technology that builds on the Nikon system and offers me more creative options. The V3 is the latest step forward in augmenting my DSLR equipment and it’s a step I encourage each of you to consider exploring yourself. Don’t just read specifications on a website. One way or another get a V3 in your hands (perhaps with an FT-1 adaptor), shoot it, and take a look at the results. In doing so you may find an answer that opens new doors for you too.”

“Sure, the V3 is smaller than a D7100. But we’re paying huge penalties for “small” these days. Right now the formula for mirrorless is this: smaller and lighter, but higher battery consumption and gives something up to DSLRs in active shooting situations. And higher prices than DSLRs that give better image quality in the case of the Nikon 1’s.

That’s not to say there won’t be takers on the V3. I’ll find a place for it in my gear closet, despite the fact that I’m in the midst of trying to clean that closet down to just the basics I want to shoot with. The good things about the Nikon 1 V series remain: it’s a more-than-competent compact camera replacement in one respect, it’s the only mirrorless system that can focus and shoot fast with reliability, and in good light with the right lens (possibly plus the FT1) it becomes a wildlife shooter’s delight. I just wish that Nikon had put a bit more refinement into the design decisions and finally made the V series what we all wanted in the first place.”

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