Meyer-Optik Görlitz announces Kickstarter campaign to reinvent the Trioplan f2.9/50



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Today German lens manufacturer Meyer-Optik Görlitz announced a new Kickstarter campaign to fund a new and improved version of its Trioplan 50mm f/2.9 lens. Despite the campaign going for thirty-four more days the community has already pledged more than twice as much money Mayer-Optik was asking for.

If you’ve never heard of Meyer-Optik, it’s best known for its Trioplan series of lenses with the “soap bubble bokeh”. The 50mm f/2.9 will be available in almost all mounts, including micro 4/3, and it will cost $449. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative: the classic Trioplan 50mm f/2.9 is going for around $150 on eBay.

Here are the most important specs:

  • Optical Construction: Classical Cooke Triplet, 3 lenses in 3 groups
  • Aperture: 1:2,9 to 1:22
  • Focal length: 50mm
  • Minimum Focussing Distance:  0,25 m using the front focussing mechanism (ß‘=-0,245 / 1:4)
  • Filter: 35,5mm
  • Clip-On Diameter: 39mm
  • Size:  Ø 62 mm, length 39 mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Number of Aperture Blades: 12, AR-coated
  • Lenses: Anti Reflex Coating/ Supplier: Schott Glas
  • Format: 24 mm x 36 mm (Compatible with Fullformat and APSC Cameras)
  • Angle: 21°
  • Image Ratio: up to 1:4 using the front focusing element

Mayer-Optik already offers two lenses for mFT: Nocturnus 35mm f/0.95 and Trioplan 100mm f/2.8.

Press release:

Meyer-Optik Announces Kickstarter Campaign to Return Legendary Trioplan f2.9/50

New Lens Celebrates 100 Years of History by Delivering Soap Bubble Bokeh in Any Situation

Atlanta, GA — Meyer-Optik Görlitz announced today a new Kickstarter to fund the Trioplan f2.9/50, the next lens to restore the brand’s historic soap bubble bokeh to the modern market. One hundred years ago Meyer-Optik Görlitz announced the Trioplan lens, which soon became a legendary lens that helped establish the golden age of photography.  The new 2016 Trioplan f2.9/50 offers creative photographers the most versatile Trioplan yet with a built-in front element that provides a macro capability of 1:4 and the brand’s famous soap bubble bokeh.

“I am always looking for tools that offer me visual options,” said Guido Karp, professional celebrity photographer. “So I jumped on the opportunity to capture this incredible ‘bokeh’ in my images using a not so usual lens. I would have never thought of using any 50mm lens to shoot a portrait, but I am now so glad I tried – and now use the Trioplan 50 as one of my prime lenses.”

A modernized lens built with its historic ideal in mind, this new Kickstarter project takes the legendary Trioplan 50 design and updates it with state-of the art materials and handmade manufacturing capabilities. The new innovative front focus lens for the Trioplan f2.9/50 gives users a second way to focus, and allows nature and macro photographers to take 1:4 images, reducing the minimum focusing distance to 0,28 m from originally 0,8m.

The Trioplan 50 offers photographers a new level of artistic capability by producing great quality photos in a wide variety of scenarios; including landscape, street, nature, events, portraits, and more. The photographer can play with the lens’s numerous capabilities to produce the famous Trioplan bokeh backgrounds.

“The ultra lightweight and compact Trioplan 50 is so very versatile that I take it everywhere,” said Tamara Skudies, professional studio photographer, outdoor lover and connoisseur of historic lenses. “No matter if I shoot a super sharp portrait or a dreamy flowery landscape, the Trioplan 50 is my current choice.”

The ultra compact Trioplan 50 Kickstarter begins on April 14 and continues through May 13. Kickstarter backers will be able to fund the lens and get it at an extraordinary low price, starting at $449. Meyer-Optic expects the lens will retail for $1,299 once Kickstarter fulfillment is completed next winter.

“The Trioplan 50 offers photographers an unprecedented creative tool. You might describe it as the more delicate brother of the Trioplan 100 creating finer bubbles and adding more features” said Dr. Stefan Immes, CEO and creative director of the project. “Carrying a heavy lens kit is a luxury that most photographers have to shed at some point. Our new lens offers a compact versatile lens for almost every situation, including macro opportunities, all with the ability to deliver the unique soap bubble bokeh that Trioplan lenses are famous for.”

“I am always searching for the special and unique picture,” said Firat Bagdu, professional wedding photographer. “The Trioplan 50 offers a lot of character to underline a special moment. It’s much more than adding an effect, it’s about preserving a special mood or feeling when capturing a moment. Since I am a professional wedding photographer, the abilities of the lens are a real enrichment to my portfolio.“

Last year 452 backers made history and committed $359,000 to return the legendary Trioplan 100 with its soap bubble bokeh to the marketplace.  The Trioplan 50 is the newest entry to the brand line, extending it with a wider more compact lens to meet any situation.

The Trioplan 50 will be available for both mirrorless and DSLR cameras, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji and Leica brands. A full list of specifications is listed below.

About Meyer-Optik-Görlitz

A brand with a proud tradition and reputation for exceptional products, Meyer-Optik-Görlitz started manufacturing innovative, high-quality lenses in Germany in 1896.  In 2014, net SE revived the traditional spirit of the lenses once known throughout the world and started developing new lenses under the Meyer-Optik-Görlitz brand in Germany. Manufacturing handmade lenses started in 2015 with first generation prototypes.  Serial production began in early 2016.

In May 2015, net SE created a new subsidiary, Meyer-Optik USA Inc. headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Meyer-Optik USA is online at and on Facebook and Twitter.  net SE ( is a publicly listed company (NETK) founded in 1997.

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