A few B&W landscapes with the Ricoh GR Digital III

Shot with: Ricoh GR Digital 3I’m not much of a landscape shooter and I think it shows. I feel quite helpless when trying to compose a landscape shot. When shooting portraiture, animals or macro I often get that “click…nailed it!” feeling. Even before viewing the photo on the back screen or on the PC display at home, I know that the shot is good. However, I can’t remember ever getting that feeling when shooting landscapes. It’s more like “click…hmm, is it any good?”

Shot with: Ricoh GR Digital 3Shot with: Ricoh GR Digital 3Shot with: Ricoh GR Digital 3Shot with: Ricoh GR Digital 3I know a beautiful landscape when I see it, but I’m never sure whether I can capture it in a non-boring way. What makes me even less confident in my ability to capture nice-looking landscape photographs is that often times shots that I consider the weakest out of a batch of photos end up grabbing the most attention on flickr and forums I frequent. Like the following one.

Shot with: Ricoh GR Digital 3

As for Ricoh GR Digital III’s role in all of this: it’s my pants pocket camera that I take with me most of the time. It doesn’t get much use when I’m not shooting macro or landscapes, but when I do shoot said motifs I know that it can deliver very good technical quality despite its age and relatively tiny sensor. Thanks to it being able to shoot RAW, there is a lot more potential in the files waiting to be unlocked – especially in black and white – than you would think is there, looking at the out of camera JPGs. To ensure that the post processing headroom is as large as possible I mostly shoot at ISO64. I then post process the heck out of the photos in Lightroom.

How much PP I do you ask? Look at the following two shots.



Shot with: Ricoh GR Digital 3

If I’d like you can find many more of my Ricoh GRDIII shots in my Flickr set. Only a small percentage are landscapes, however.

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