Nikon 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 Link Collection: Reviews, Samples, Videos

This is work in progress, because there are only a few reviews of the Nikon 32mm f/1.2 out right now. I’m going to update this link collection as soon as there are more sample images, reviews and videos available.


“With this 32mm f/1.2, Nikon have managed to produce a really interesting lens, which offers a good balance of excellent optical performance, good build quality and compact size for a pretty reasonable price. What more could you ask for? For the price… not a lot.”

“The AF is fast, the lens and camera will even focus in near dark conditions and thanks to the Silent Wave Motor it is QUIET. You can shoot at 1.2 and suck in more light and keep your ISO lower and it is damn good looking on the camera. I say BRAVO to Nikon for this one, it is a fantastic lens that just made the Nikon 1 system that much better.”

“In summary, what would you say if someone offered an 85mm equivalent portrait lens capable of shooting at f/1.2 that costs approximately half a Nikon or Canon equivalent and along with a camera body weights less than a Nikon 85/1.4g lens alone? Don’t know about you, but I would say, “what a bargain!””

“There is a lot to digg about the new 32mm f1.2 for the 1 series. People that are committed to the small form factor and are content with the quality will be happy to know that they can get some pretty nice bokeh from the lens as well. However, they might not appreciate the high price tag. With that said, it’s nice to know that you’ll have a beautiful portrait lens to photograph anything you want.”

As far as I’m concerned the D800E / 85mm shots are sharper, but then if they weren’t I would want to know why! This comparison is more to show that the Nikon 1 system and this lens in particular can deliver decent results (and perhaps better than that) allowing for its size. Now I could get sharper results from both by applying some sharpening, but I thought for the purposes of these tests it would be useful to keep everything unsharpened. 

One thing that shows up nicely is that both images are nice and ‘clean’. By this I mean, that even wide open, there is very little CA and fringing. It is there but takes some finding. They are both very similar in terms of colour rendition, the 85mm is slightly warmer, but thats about it. 
All of this does confirm to me that the 32mm f/1.2 is excellent optically.” 



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